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About Us

Welcome to Capital Soluxions,

your one-stop shop for business capital!

We may not be your only stop,

but we are confident that...


20+ Years

20+ Years in the Finance Industry

Only the Best

We're committed and dedicated to finding and offering you the best funding options for your business.  We’re able to do very well for our clients, because our process is client-oriented: We focus on finding the lowest rates and best terms.  Our goal is simple: To help your business succeed financially!


We work very hard, we’re diligent, and we take pride in being honest and transparent in our communication with our clients, including, but not limited to “No Hidden Fees”.  Everything is laid out upfront.  There are no surprises.


We feel that we bring an aspect of wisdom and sensibility that sets us apart from the competition. Here’s why:


For more than 20 years, our unique and inclusive immersion in the finance industry has allowed us the ability to successfully advise clients in many fields: access to capital, real estate finance, lending, credit risk and strategy, business development and consulting, financial advising, entrepreneurship, private banking, investment portfolio management, and insurance.

Discussing the Numbers

Low Rates that Build Long-Term Relationships

Outstanding Quality

We’re proud and happy to tell you that we’re different, because we come from a traditional school of lending, so we appreciate traditional financing. This is why we’ll always start the conversation with the opportunities that your business may have to access conventional financing, which means, lowest rates and longer terms. From there, we have access to plenty of other doors to knock on, including, but not limited to mid-term loans and short-term financing.

We don’t earn as much as the typical broker, because we take good care of our clients and we are certain to benefit from the long-term client relationships, the word-of-mouth recommendations, and the quality of referrals from our referral partners, including, but not limited to business bankers, accountants, attorneys, business brokers, realtors, other business loan brokers, and non-profit organizations.

Low Rates
Honesty &

Honesty & Transparency in the Process

We Care

Our clients benefit greatly from the large network of financial institutions that we've established over the years, resulting in access to more financing possibilities and opportunities than your average broker. We can accommodate most, if not all, types of customer profiles and financing requests. Certainly, we have more and better access than some of the most popular financing brokers in the nation, based on experience working with them, and learning about their capabilities.

Our partners trust us, because they’re aware of our modus operandi, which consists of respect, professionalism and the highest degree of ethics.

Team Meeting

Professionals with Highest degree of Ethics

Truly Top-Notch

Our job is straightforward. We’ll ask you for only the necessary information and then we’ll do the leg work so that you can focus on operating your business. Our funding specialists will work for you until they exhaust all financing possibilities.

  • We are professionals with experience, who understand all aspects of business finance.

  • We know that you'll be faced with financial challenges; we know what they are and how to overcome them.

  • We know that the banks usually say "no" and leave you feeling like there are no more doors to open, but there are, plenty.

  • We know that most business loan brokers focus on one product, the short-term financing option, because this is where they earn the most money.

  • Unlike other business loan brokers that pretend to offer many products, when they really just focus on what benefits their pockets the most, our goal is to truly find the best financing product for your business.

  • Our word is the truth and our reputation precedes us.




We’ll make an impossibility a



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